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November 14, 2014  





We have received information from majority of the carriers regarding Port Congestion Surcharge to take effect on November 17th, 2014


Southern California port truck drivers are picketing six Los Angeles-Long Beach marine terminals and the offices of two drayage companies this morning, but the ports report that cargo-handling is not being affected. The drivers at two harbor trucking companies are protesting what they say is the failure of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles Harbor Commission to follow through on commitments made in July to address issues of wage theft and misclassification involving the drivers, who are classified as independent contractors.


The resumption of protesting by drayage drivers at Total Transportation Services and Pacific 9 Transportation raises concerns that International Longshore and Warehouse Union workers could refuse to cross the picket lines. Such a move would likely exacerbate already fraying labor contract talks between the ILWU and waterfront employers. ILWU workers briefly crossed picket lines when drayage drivers protested in July, but a local arbitrator ruled that the Teamsters-sponsored demonstrations did not constitute a “bona-fide” picket line under the waterfront contract.

Technically, the driver protests today would most likely still not be considered bona fide because the drivers are not members of the Teamsters union and the Teamsters have no collective bargaining agreement with any group working at the marine terminals.


The protesting, if it continues, could, however, increase congestion at the largest U.S. port complex if it results in the blocking of trucks from those companies that are being targeted by the Teamsters .Reportedly, though, the marine terminals are telling the two trucking companies not to send their trucks to their facilities. The protesting drayage drivers, known as Justice for Port Truck Drivers, say that TTSI and Pac 9 violated their agreement, which was brokered by Garcetti, to allow all drivers back to work and without retaliation. TTSI fired 35 drivers after they refused withdraw wage theft claims, and Pac 9 illegal deducted from drivers’ paycheck, the group said in a statement withdraw wage theft claims, and Pac 9 illegal deducted from drivers’ paycheck, the group said in a statement Nov 13 2014 PMA calls on ILWU to accept contract extension The Pacific Maritime Association today called upon the International Longshore and Warehouse Union to immediately agree to a temporary contract extension in order to end job actions in Los Angeles-Long Beach and Seattle-Tacoma.


Our regulatory experts are monitoring the situation and keeping a close eye on labor negotiations, which began on May 12, 2014. In the meantime we are checking shipment status on a daily/hourly basis to see where our client’s cargo stands in movement towards its final destination. While we can’t control the situation we can keep you informed.


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