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November 25, 2014  



L.A. chassis pool makes progress on equipment supply


Emphasis on repairs The Los Angeles Basin Pool has added 2,300 chassis through increased and shifting assets from other locations.

By Eric Kulisch |Monday, November 24, 2014

The Los Angeles Basin Pool, one of the primary sources of spot-market chassis used to haul containers to and from ports and rail yards in Southern California, is more than two-thirds of the way toward its fleet-augmentation target of 3,000 chassis, according to the company running the operation. The additions are needed to relieve a severe imbalance of equipment among storage locations at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach that is contributing to cargo delays and truck backups at marine terminals. Since late July, the LABP has injected 2,307 units into the pool by repairing chassis and relocating equipment from other parts of the country, Phillip Connors, executive vice president of Flexi-Van Leasing Inc.,





White House Says Ports, Workers Must Handle Labor  Dispute


President Barack Obama is leaving it to ports and their workers to negotiate an agreement in a labor dispute on the West Coast, taking a different approach than predecessor George W. Bush. The White House is monitoring the disagreement, which so far has resulted in a work slowdown by dockworkers at ports from San Diego to the Canadian border, and doesn’t plan to step in to force a resolution. “Just last year, there was a long negotiation at the East and Gulf Coast ports,” Frank Benenati, a White House spokesman, said in an e-mail today. “And just as the two sides in that case were able to resolve their differences through the time-tested process of collective bargaining, we’re confident that management and labor at the West Coast ports can do the same.”

By Angela Greiling Keane-BLOOMBERG



Our regulatory experts are monitoring the situation and keeping a close eye on labor negotiations, which began on May 12, 2014. In the meantime we are checking shipment status on a daily/hourly basis to see where our client’s cargo stands in movement towards its final destination. While we can’t control the situation we can keep you informed.


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